First integrated Smart City project in Romania will begin in Piatra Neamț

The new public transport waiting stations in Piatra Neamț (NE Romania) will be equipped with WiFi, multimedia touchscreens, USB ports for charging smartphones, photovoltaic pannels, smart cameras that allow video analysis and traffic monitoring, environment sensors, traffic information for users, entirely operated via a command center.

The first integrated Smart City project in România, modernizing the waiting stations for the public transport in Piatra Neamț, within a contract worth 21.1 million lei, will be implemented by Electrogrup and Urban Scope.

The projection and execution contract, signed on February 25, 2020, starts with the projecting stage, run by Urban Scope, while the overall execution period for the project is of 25 months.

„In Piatra Neamț we will have 80 smart waiting stations, with information panels connected in real time to the means of transport for travelers, wireless internet connection, video surveillance cameras and photovoltaic panels. This project is complementary to other projects in various stages in Piatra-Neamt, including the purchase of electric buses, which together contribute to the general objective of stimulating the use of public transport means to the detriment of personal cars, in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions – CO2. The investment is 98% financed with European funds, with a municipal contribution of only 2%,” said Dragoș Chitic, Piatra-Neamț Mayor.

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