Alessio Menegazzo is the CEO and Country Manager of PPC’s companies in Romania

Alessio Menegazzo was appointed by PPC, an energy market leader in South-East Europe, as CEO and Country Manager of the group’s companies in Romania.

Mister Menegazzo joined Enel Romania in 2009 and until recently coordinated the team responsible for promoting a sustainable development system and integrating sustainability into the corporate culture.

PPC finalized the acquisition of all the equity interests held by Enel S.p.A. and its subsidiaries in Romania, successfully concluding its first major expansion abroad.

In line with the above agreement, PPC paid a total consideration of approximately 1,240 million euros, equivalent to an enterprise value of around 1,900 million euros (on a 100% basis).

With the completion of the acquisition of Enel’s activities in Romania, PPC Group currently has a total of almost 9 million customers and the total RES installed capacity of the group (hydroelectric, wind, photovoltaic, etc.) increases to approximately 4.4GW.

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