Rompetrol opened four integrated service centers on the A1 highway


Rompetrol Downstream opened today the first four integrated service centers on the A1 highway, near Pecica (km 558+380, left and right) and Orastie (KM 340+500, left and right).

These new stations near Pecica have a total surface of approximately 4.260 sq. m. – on right of the town (596 sq.m. interior area), 4.260 sq.m. – left of Pecica (596 sq.m.)

Near Orastie, the new stations have 6.200 sq. m. on the right of Orastie (596 sq. m.) and 6.220 sq. m. for left of Orastie (523 sq. m.).

The interior space is three times bigger than an average Rompetrol gas station and it includes shop, restaurant, coffee-shop, playground for children and facilities for disabled people.

With about 45-65 new employees per gas station, each one is equipped with 6 fuel dispensers for cars, 2 fast dispensers for trucks/international truck drivers/buses, an AdBlue pump, a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supply skid, vapor recovery systems and LED lighting, and also 4 fast charging stations for electric cars.

Among the services offered are Fill&Go systems, terminals for payment of the vignette/invoices/bank transfers/buying insurance, and also 97 parking places (Pecica) and 108 (Orastie) for cars and trucks.

Also, KFC restaurants will have distinct spaces and will be found in 3 locations out of 12 Rompetrol gas stations on A1 highway (Pecica – km 558+380, Giarmata – km 500+596 and Orastie – km 340 +500).

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