Half of Bucharest’s employees continue to work mainly from home

Half of the employees who normally work in office buildings continued to work mainly from home even after the state of emergency was lifted, a research study conducted by Cushman & Wakefield Echinox regarding the working methods of employees in Romania during the Covid-19 pandemic say.

If during the state of emergency (March – May 2020) 83% of the employees worked from home, their number decreased to 50% during the state of alert (June – September 2020), while 22% of the employees completely resumed their work from the office, and 28% practiced a mix between work from home and work from the office.

Most of the employees managed to adapt to the new working conditions, taking into account that working from home was a less widespread concept on the local market, and the return to the office was done under special conditions, in compliance with medical safety rules and social distancing norms.

Thus, 83% of the employees declared having a good experience both in terms of work from home and work from the office after returning from the alert state, the others finding this period unsatisfactory or even demoralizing from a professional point of view.

The time saved in traffic remains the main advantage of working from home, a benefit appreciated by 83% of the employees, while the additional freedom in managing working hours (56%) and cost savings (52%) represent the following favorable aspects.

On the other hand, 76% of employees feel the lack of direct communication with colleagues, almost half (48%) have difficulties in separating the  personal and professional hours, and 39% do not have a suitable working space at home.

Moreover, 32% of employees consider that the relationship with their colleagues has worsened during the work from home period, and 21% have difficulties in managing the relationship with customers, collaborators and partners.

In this context, only 7% of the employees would like to work exclusively from home after the pandemic ends, the most desired schedule being a mix of 3 days work from the office and 2 days work from home, an option chosen by 26% of respondents.

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