Growing appetite for smart homes led to a 29% increase for Somfy business in Romania

Somfy, a key player in the smart home industry, announces a 29% increase in business in 2021, driven by very accelerated sales and the strong trend of home and building automation.

The growth rate of Somfy connected products was over 40% in 2021, a substantial increase, but still strongly affected by the lack of electronic components.

The company estimates that this trend will accelerate in the next period, when we will see more and more connected homes, with interoperable services, from different origins, but fully integrated.

Globally, Somfy Group’s sales reached 1.48 billion euros in 2021, an increase of 17.6% compared to the previous financial year.

Among the areas with an important contribution to this performance is Eastern Europe, with an increase of 19.7%.

The spectacular growth of local sales last year, with an even faster dynamics than that of Eastern Europe or of the Group, confirms the fact that Romanians increasingly perceive housing as a solid investment, said Vlad Rovo, Country Manager of Somfy Romania and Moldova

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