Colliers has monitored construction works for almost 750,000 sq m

Colliers International has monitored construction works, from foundation to delivery, for projects with almost 750,000 square meters in the last 5 years, in Romania.

Three quarters are in the industrial area, almost 20% in the office area and 5% in the residential area.

Construction works are being carried out at a normal pace during this period on the sites monitored by Colliers International specialists or even at an accelerated pace in some cases, amid plans to recover the delays during the state of emergency, when certain construction works were carried out at a lower capacity than normal.

Monitoring of construction works entails involvement from the planning stage and periodic inspections to ensure construction works comply with the initial plans.

Verifications consider a number of indicators that vary from the stage of the construction works and the way in which the budget is allocated, to the stage of the necessary authorizations, compliance with contracts or progress in ensuring access to utilities.

Each inspection is followed by a report on the development of the project, which provides a very clear overview for the developer as well as for the bank that finances the project.

Colliers International currently provides construction monitoring services for projects with a total construction area of ​​almost 198,000 square meters.

Among the most important clients of the company are CTP, Iulius Group (among the most important projects we can mention: Palas Iași, United Business Center (UBC) 1 in Cluj-Napoca, UBC1 and UBC2 in Timișoara), AFI Europe Romania or Impact Developer & Contractor ( with Greenfield Baneasa as a reference project) while the banks with which the company currently collaborates are Raiffeisen Bank Romania, Raiffeisen Bank International AG and OTP Bank Romania.

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