Car production in Romania decreased by 10.67% in 2020

According to ACAROM, during 2020, the production of cars in Romania reached 438,107 units, registering a decrease of 10.67%, compared to 2019, when 490,412 units were produced.

The statistics also showed a downward trend in the case of new cars registered in 2020.

In January 2021, 10.71% fewer units were produced than in the same period last year. The two major Romanian manufacturers, Dacia and Ford, registered similar production levels.

Increased demand for „green” cars

Consumers’ preference for „green” cars (electric and hybrid) has increased significantly, by about 26% compared to last year.

Ford, one of the largest car manufacturers in Romania, has already announced the transition to a 100% electric future in Europe.

Ford estimates that by 2026, 100% of the cars sold in the EU will be electric or hybrid, and by 2030 all cars produced in Europe will be electric.

Recently, the Ministry of Environment announced important changes to the Rabla program to support the purchase of new or electric cars.

This increases the scrapping bonus (from RON 6,000 to RON 7,500), while the budget for the purchase of electric or plug-in cars will double.

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