Yload raised 220.000 euros in a few hours on SeedBlink

Yload, a startup that created the first transport marketplace in Eastern Europe, raised 220.000 euros from the 250,000 targeted on the online investments platform SeedBlink.

The amount will be used in full for product and business development.

The founders of the platform that was launched in beta version in April this year, is ceding 9.09% of the capital, to a pre-money valuation of the company of two million euros.

The minimum investigation ticket starts at 2.500 euros. Yload also has the option of extending the targeted funding up to 400.000 euros.

Yload, a platform based on artificial intelligence, was founded by Alexandru Huzău, a specialist with 13 years of experience in IT and online marketing.

The digitization of transport operations allows individual or small fleet carriers to reduce incidents, optimize costs and manage their vehicles more quickly and efficiently.

Everything while simplifying access to routes and orders, customer interaction, document, and payment flow.

At the same time, beneficiaries have access to a large fleet of carriers to be able to choose the right services and to receive real-time information on how to carry out or complete the transport. All vehicles on the platform are located via GPS systems.

For the following year, Yload aims for Series A funding to support the company’s expansion into Eastern Europe.

In the first three months since its launch, Yload has attracted more than 10.000 carriers to the platform, which operates more than 45.000 vehicles.

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