XVision scans patients suspected of being infected with COVID-19

XVision, a medical platform that analyzes lung radiographs using artificial intelligence, started to be used for the identification of the patients with lung injuries, associated with COVID-19.

The solution, offered pro-bono, became part of the mobile laboratories for the detection of coronavirus, located in the outdoor spaces of the Institute of Pneumophysiology „Marius Nasta” in Bucharest, respectively of the Emergency Reception Units of the Emergency Clinical County Hospital in Timisoara.

This new way of medical triage will reduce the risk of contamination of other patients already admitted, but also of the medical staff. In addition, this MedTech solution supports the medical team in managing the extremely high workload during this period.

Thus, through a partnership facilitated by the Institute of Pneumophysiology „Marius Nasta” in Bucharest, XVision is used to support the triage of patients showing signs of infection with the SARS-COV-2 virus. This hospital unit has two mobile laboratories equipped with X-ray devices for tuberculosis detection. One of the laboratories was sent to the Timișoara County Hospital to facilitate the patients triage process. These mobile units will be used until the end of the pandemic to prioritize patients who require lung X-rays.

How it works

The triage system is based on an evaluation score developed by XVision’s radiologists’ team, benchmarked with the scores and standards used globally, at the time being. Based on the algorithm, it describes the similarities between the radiological patterns in the patient’s X-ray and those found in COVID-19 cases.

As part of the triage, after the X-ray is done in the mobile lab, the XVision application provides a very quick result that is analyzed by the doctors, along with the initial X-ray. Based on it, a decision is made regarding the respective medical case.

XVision detects signs of pneumonia, even in incipient form, and detects the degree of resemblance to the radiological pattern of pneumonia with that specific to COVID-19.

The application developed by XVision, is the first of its kind in Romania. It was implemented initially in the Timișoara County Hospital where it helps doctors analyze up to 200 lung X-rays per day, meaning 20% more than in the past.

Currently, the application generates data related exclusively to the chest area using digital X-rays as basic information. Currently the team is working on developing new algorithms that will be able to analyze chest and cranial CTs.

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