Vodafone Romania and UPC finalised the legal merger

  • The acquisition of UPC is one of the most important transactions within the telecom market in Romania.
  • This process will create an important partner for complete telecommunications services that brings enriched benefits and top products for customers, companies and other socio-economical actors.

Vodafone Romania announces the finalisation of the legal merger with UPC Romania. As a result of this, UPC Romania ceases to exist as a legal entity, being absorbed by Vodafone.

Starting today, Vodafone Romania becomes the fixed electronic communications services provider for UPC customers. All rights and obligations UPC Romania S.A. will be taken over by Vodafone Romania S.A., without any modifications of the customers and suppliers contract’s terms.

Tthe information from www.upc.ro will be available on www.vodafone.ro. Also, the My UPC smartphone app will be renamed in My Vodafone Fix & TV, while all its functionalities and log in customer’s credentials will remain the same.

The contact phone numbers, 031 100 1000 and 031 100 0872, will continue to be available. The customers that are paying their UPC bills using internet banking services will have to select Vodafone – pentru servicii fixe si TV instead of UPC Romania. The beneficiaries of both fixed & TV from the former UPC company and mobile services from Vodafone will continue to receive separated invoices.

Regarding the UPC stores, this will be transformed gradually and will incorporate the specifications and functionalities of Vodafone stores. The shops will continue to offer all the services and operations specific for fixed and TV and also specific operations for mobile services.

Vodafone history in Romania

Vodafone has a 23 years history in Romania.

Along its history on the local market, the operator has been investing in innovation, being the first to provide GPRS (2001), then 3G (2005) and 4G services (2012).

The first Call Center Service (1997), the first corporate foundation (1998), the launch of short message service – SMS – or data and fax services (1998), the first automatic speech recognition service (2014), the first NB-IoT live network (2018) and the first 5G services (2019) are among the premieres marked by Vodafone Romania on the local telecommunications market.

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