sold over 5 million natural and organic products in 10 years, an online store with natural and organic products, had over 320,000 customers, 680,000 orders and sold 5 million products in 10 years.

The average order has increased since 2012 by almost 40%, reaching 160 lei, with an average of 8 products/shopping cart.

The most active customers are Romanians aged between 25 and 45, who order mainly organic food and cosmetics.

Manuka honey remains, the most ordered product, followed by organic food, organic spices, vitamins, and organic cosmetics. Currently, has a portfolio of 10,000 products.

The first year of ended with a turnover of 142,000 euros, and after 5 years it had increased almost 10 times, ie 1.38 million euros.

2021 ended with a turnover of 3.8 million euros and for 2022, estimates a 20% increase, based on investments for a better shopping experience and an increase in the supply of products and stocks by 35%.

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