Vatis Tech broke the record of 2.3 million transcribed notes

Companies such as mediaTrust, Unicredit, Agerpress, Radio România and Gândul are already using its technology

The voice recognition technology based on artificial intelligence developed by the Romanian startup Vatis Tech broke the record of 2.3 million transcribed notes.

Every month, around 400.000 notes and over 125.000 files are processed through this Romanian-born technology. It takes less than 10 minutes to transcribe an hour of audio or video content.

Vatis Tech’s accuracy ratio in Romanian is 94.41% in the medical field, while Google or Microsoft gets 62.61% and 76.45%. In the legal area, it hits a 90.65% accuracy ratio, while Google and Microsoft get between 55.47% and 81.13%. On phone call audio recordings, it goes up to 95.00% accuracy, while Google and Microsoft get between 70.43% and 83.89%.

Vatis Tech is a company founded by Adrian Ispas, Alexandru Topală, and Emanuel Nazare, three experts in software development, in 2020. In September 2021, the company raised a 200,000 euro pre-seed financing round, from several investors and it’s preparing for a new round.

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