Undelucram.ro aims to reach over 1.7 million members in 2022

Undelucram.ro will focus in 2022 on increasing the recruitment service and the CV base as it aims to reachs over 1.7 million members on the platform next year.

Undelucram.ro new concept offers candidates the opportunity to apply directly to the companies they are interested in, even if the companies do not yet have the open positions.

Currently, the platform has 300,000 CVs and aims to have 1 million CVs in the database next year.

Most CVs of the platform are for IT&C, BPO & services, banking, retail, industrial production and FMCG.

Undelucram.ro users are generally people between 24-35 years old, white collars and blue collars, users who want to be informed before making a decision. Also, about 11% are students.

The platform was launched in 2011 by Costin Tudor. Starting 2019, the company has expanded in Greece, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Poland.

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