Tremend and TypingDNA release an app for online exam proctoring

Tremend released the observED platform, a modern solution dedicated to examination centers, assessment providers, and universities, enabling them to supervise students taking remote exams and prevent cheating.

The solution leverages AI-enabled typing biometrics, a proprietary technology of TypingDNA, a behavioral-biometrics SaaS company offering innovative typing-based authentication.

The observED app is a digital instrument that successfully replaces a supervisor during a written exam, being integrated into the Moodle plugin.

Moodle is one of the most popular open-source systems for managing the learning process (LMS – Learning Management System), featuring over 100 million users all across the globe. This LMS is backed by a strong community of partners and is continually adapted to the most stringent learning requirements.

This solution is aimed at colleges, universities, eLearning platforms, examination centers, assessment providers, and other service providers that need a fully digital approach towards both the learning mechanism and the examination process.

The observED app integrates high-end technologies for validating the user’s identity. The onboarding is done by scanning the security elements of the identity document, using the webcam of the device on which the exam is taken.

By using keystroke events, mobile sensory data, and proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms developed by TypingDNA, observED application captures users’ unique typing pattern, establishing a user-behavior biometric profile for each of them.

Based on the software solutions created by Tremend, observED creates a complete analysis of the user’s browsing history to check if other websites were accessed during the exam. Periodically, the application uses the embedded video camera of the computer/laptop to take snapshots, to avoid fraud by impersonation, when someone else is performing the test. Users are thus verified and monitored continually during the course of the testing. In case suspicious behavior is triggered, the platform sends alerts to the examiner.

ObservED is a multimodal solution, featuring emerging technologies that offer the same level of security and safety as a face-to-face examination. Due to the advanced programs used, this app is extremely dependable and is impossible to be tricked by the human user.

Through automatizing the examining process, companies and institutions can ensure they keep full control, reduce costs, and minimize the time spent with planning, organizing, and supervising the students. Additionally, they benefit from a personalized report that details each interaction with the student.

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