Total stock of modern retail spaces in Romania surpassed 4 mln. sq m

The retail parks format has grown, especially in the last two years, while shopping centers attracted new brands

The total stock of modern retail spaces in Romania reached approximately 4,03 mln. sq m in H1 2022, after the delivery of 36,500 sq m in four different retail schemes throughout the country.

More than half of the new supply is represented by 3 retail parks located in small sized towns. The remaining 45% is claimed by shopping centers.

With 30% of total retail stock, Bucharest has the largest share of the modern retail stock in the country. After the delivery of 16,500 sq m in the first part of the year, the capital city hosts circa 1,2 mln. sq m.

At the same time, 64% of total retail stock in Bucharest is represented by shopping centers (780,000 sq m) and 36% by retail parks (420,000 sq m).  

Moreover, by type of formats, shopping centers dominate the market, representing 63% of total retail stock in Romania, while retail parks claim 37% of the total area.

In addition, an estimated 88,000 sq m will be delivered by the end of the year. 75% of the area will be developed as retail parks and shopping centers amounting only 13,000 sq m.

For 2023, another 172,000 sq m are expected to be added to the country’s modern stock, out of which almost half (47%) as a shopping center format.

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