Tohani made over 1 million bottles of Fetească Neagră wine in 2020

Tohani Romania has exceeded the production of 1 million bottles of Fetească Neagră, the best-selling red wine variety in Romania.

Investments in the production of this wine amounts to 6 million euros.

Tohani has the largest cultivated area with Fetească Neagră in the Dealu Mare area, of approximately 100 hectares.

Apogeum Fetească Neagră, one of the wines produced by the Tohani Romania team, was placed among 1% of the best wines in the world.

The investment in the Fetească Neagră vineyard amounted to 3 million euros, while the dedicated winemaking line required an investment of 1 million euros.

2 million euros have been allocated to support wines produced with this variety – through local marketing and international presence.

Today, Feteasca Neagră became the star of the vineyard, in 2020 representing 75% of the total red wine sold by Tohani.

Who drinks Fetească Neagră wine

In Romania, Feteasca Neagră has become the most popular variety of red wine, being consumed mainly by Gen X and Millennials, who live in urban areas.

Nationally, the areas where the Feteasca Neagră de Tohani is most frequently consumed are Bucharest, Prahova, Cluj and Brașov.

For 2021, Tohani aims to maintain the production of Fetească Neagră at about 1 million bottles.

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