The first full autonomous PENNY store in the world is open in Bucharest

PENNY opened on May 29, 2024, in Bucharest, the first full autonomous store in its network, where articles are scanned automatically, using a smart camera system.

The store has a surface of 394 square meters, and incorporates various technologies, 523 cameras, 200 image processing units, 1,000 sensors that detect the presence or absence of a product.

PENNY Iuliu Maniu does not collect any personal data, upon entry, the customer receives an ID and is tracked anonymously during the purchase process until payment and exit from the store.

Six students tested the store, performing more than 1,000 purchase activities daily. Shopping carts contain from three to 30 products, but the store has no minimum purchase limit.

The experience in the store is identical to a classic one, the difference being that the products no longer need to be scanned at checkout. Payment is made only by card and there is no possibility of cash payment.

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