Tech startup Brunch eyes a new investment round of EUR 285.000

Brunch, the collaboration and feedback management app for live websites, aims to raise a new investment round.

Its founders want to raise EUR 285.000, at a valuation of 2.300.000 euros, through a financing campaign on SeedBlink.

In June 2021, the company announced their first financing round, of EUR 250.000, from Ulpia Ventures.

The 285.000 euros they want to raise through the crowdfunding platform in the following month will be used to develop new features and to promote the solution.

Brunch allows adding comments directly on a live website, changing content and style and an easier collaboration by adding an unlimited number of partners.

Live collaboration experiences move online for digital agencies/specialists and their clients, which reduces time and effort spent on managing feedback on live websites.

Brunch is dedicated to marketing and web design specialists, agencies and freelancers and has 3 financial plans: free, freelancer (19 USD/Month) and business (79 USD / month).

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