Speedwell buys a 9-hectare land plot close to Bucharest North railway station

Real estate developer Speedwell signed a Promissory Sales Purchase Agreement for a 9-hectare land plot in Bucharest.

The company plans to use it for a major mixed-use ensemble, combining leisure, living, retail and work with green spaces and public amenities.

At completion, the project will feature approximately 2000 apartments and 60.000 sqm of office spaces and services.

The investment value for this project is around 500-million euro, a significant leap forward for Speedwell as this will double up its portfolio value and size.

Located on Calea Grivitei, the land plot benefits from a developed infrastructure, with direct access to a multiple lane main boulevard, as well as public transport.

Speedwell’s newest addition to the portfolio is also going to be an urban regeneration project meant to repurpose a former industrial area.

The project will be built on nZEB (nearly Zero-Energy) and international sustainability standards.

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