SAM the robot will register the Medicover subscribers

Connections, a digital transformation company in Romania, with offices in Bulgaria, Serbia and Asia – has created the first robot for Medicover, capable of automatically managing the contracts and benefits of the subscribers and insurers of the medical group.

The SAM robot (Subscriptions Assistant Manager), created on the basis of RPA technology developed by the UiPath unicorn, can register new subscribers, change existing benefits in a subscription plan, add dependents (children or relatives) to the subscriber’s benefit plan or can conclude contracts.

„The SAM robot meets an increasing need to register new subscribers and update existing contracts. The automation will significantly reduce the processing time, also ensuring the quality of the records with zero errors” states Delia Iliasa, National Director of Medicover Clinics and Commercial Director, Medicover Romania,.

For a Medicover subscriber, the benefits are related to the fact that he/she can access medical services quasi-instantaneously after signing the contract, and for any subscriber who becomes a Medicover patient, which means he/she needs a consult or investigation, the related benefit plan can be quickly consulted and the patient is guided in order to get the best solution.

„SAM was created one month ago, and the trial period lasted another month, because there were several exceptions that the robot had to deal with separately, which significantly increased the complexity of the process”, explains Bogdan Florea, founder of Connections and ANIS Vice President.

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