Romanians number one reason for investing is long term security

Over 50% of the Romanian respondents declared that their number one reason for investing is long term security followed by the desire to obtain financial independence, according to eToro.

In Romania only 6.1% of investors are having investment portfolios of over USD 69.000, while 71% of the Romanian investors are having in their portfolios less than EUR 12.000. In the same situation are almost 57% of the Polish and Czech investors.

Despite the low values of portfolios, Romanian investors are having a plan, with 32.5% of investors buying or selling assets monthly, 18% weekly, 5.3% daily and 13.5% quarterly.

Close to our behavior are the Czechs, 34% of the investors are trading and investing monthly but only 8.8% are trading quarterly. The Polish investors are different, 22.2% trading monthly and 20.4% trading every quarter.

During the recent stock downturn only 5.7% of the Romanian investors sold their investments, 34% added to their portfolios and 60% made no change to their investments.

Close to us are the Czechs investors out of which only 6.8% sold their investments but 17.8% of the Polish investors sold their investments in the recent markets sell offs.

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