Romanian tech company Tremend opens an office in Luxembourg

Tremend, one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the CEE region opens an office in Luxembourg, strengthening its position in the Benelux area.

The new office will be coordinated by Ștefan Morcov, who will take the role of Managing Director of Tremend Benelux.

He joined Tremend in 2018, as a Senior Partner and has been involved in setting up new business units, such as eLearning and international public sector institutions.

Ștefan Morcov brings 20 years of experience in software engineering, management, and business development, including with the European Commission, to the role.

”Tremend Benelux will focus on European Union projects, but also on solutions for the private sector, from various industries such as eCommerce, retail, and telecom”, says Ștefan Morcov, Managing Director, Tremend Benelux.

The Luxembourg office will also reach customers from neighboring countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

The new branch will continue to focus on growing the portfolio of projects with the European Commission and other international institutions.

In 2020, 13.5% of the company’s turnover came from projects for the European Commission. Tremend also estimates 7 million EURO revenues from this vertical in 2021. 

Tremend was founded by Ioan Cocan and Marius Hanganu in 2005, following their own practical experience in Silicon Valley. The company reported a 20 million euro revenues for 2020.

It currently operates offices based in Belgium, Luxembourg, UK and the USA and two development centers in Romania. 

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