Romanian platform Oncochain targets € 350.000 on SeedBlink

Oncochain, a data collection and analysis platform for oncology research, aims to raise 200.000 euros through equity crowdfunding on SeedBlink.

The total value of the financing is 350.000 euros, the round being led by the Cleverage VC investment fund.

Oncochain is a startup launched in Timișoara at the beginning of 2019 by the couple Mădălin Margan (32 years old) and Roxana Margan (32 years old), both being doctors specialized in obstetrics-gynecology.

Data collected from daily clinical practice are provided to oncology health professionals, research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies in the form of statistical analyzes.

The statistics are anonymous and aims to generate information that can guide research and increase the quality of medical services.

Since its launch, Oncochain has received investments of approximately € 80.000: the investment of the co-founders, European funds, grants from companies and a business angel.

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