Romanian Millennials and earliest Gen Zs prefer working remotely

Six out of ten (60%) Romanian Millennials and earliest members of Gen Z prefer a working arrangement that allows them to work from various locations.

This trend is also seen in the other CE countries, where 50% of the respondents prefer a similar working model. By contrast, only 5% of the Romanian respondents and 10% of the CEE respondents prefer the traditional model of working in an office for fixed hours.

Despite the popularity of flexible working as a concept, the Romanian Millennials and Gen Zs (44%) would rather work only once or twice a week remotely.

When it comes to preferred employment options, more than half of the respondents in our country (59%) would like to have a full-time contract with a single employer.

More than a quarter (29%) would like to be freelancers or consultants, working on a flexible or short-term basis.

Students and recent university graduates show a desire to work in other countries, as 22% of the people interviewed locally plan to move abroad to pursue their career. Other 66% are willing to move to another country for a job, the study shows.

This may be one of the reasons why large international companies are the most appealing type of employer, with 37% of respondents placing them as the first choice.

The pandemic did not influence the willingness of 66% of the Romanian respondents to move abroad for a job, targeting countries such as Germany (16%), UK (15%) and the US (7%).

The study also underlines that 61% of the Romanian respondents are confident that it will take them less than six months to find a desirable job.

When it comes to matters of diversity, an overwhelming majority of Romanian respondents (93%) would prefer to work in an organization with a diverse workforce. Additionally, 77% of the respondents had no preference when asked about the gender of their supervisor.

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