Romania remains among the European states with the cheapest housing

Romania ranks second in the top of the European countries with the cheapest housing, after Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to Deloitte Property Index 2022, with an average price of 1,266 EUR/sqm.

Compared to the previous year, the average price is 7,3% higher. The most expensive city is Cluj-Napoca, with an average of 1,940 EUR/sqm, followed by Bucharest (1,573 EUR/sqm) and Brasov (1,348 EUR/sqm).

Regarding the housing affordability, calculated as the number of average gross annual salaries required to buy a standard dwelling (70 sqm), Romania ranks seventh out of the 19 countries.

Thus, a Romanian needs 6.3 annual salaries for such a purchase. The hardest-to-reach housing is in the Czech Republic, where 13.3 average annual gross wages are needed for a dwelling.

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