Romania ranks first in the CEE in consumer spending for food in physical stores

In the last 5 years, share of online sales in Central and Eastern Europe grew by 9% to 15%, and in 4 years’ time is bound to amount to 20%, according to CBRE’s forecasts.

The online channel for all commerce in Central and Eastern Europe currently covers 15%, with the remaining 85% being offline shopping.

Between 2016 and 2021 alone, the share of e-commerce grew by 9 pp, from 6% to 15%, and by 2026 it may even cover as much as one-fifth of the retail sector, according to CBRE’s estimates.

Growths are seen in nearly all categories of products. In the last 5 years, however, it was the sale of food and drinks that grew the fastest. Its share in e-commerce had previously been marginal, while late in 2021 it was as high as 5% of the market.

Toys and games as well as household goods have also started to show their presence even stronger, jointly claiming circa 2% of all online shopping.

Romanians shop online more and more

Although of all countries in the region, Czechia and Poland stand out the most in terms of online shopping. Romania’s share of e-commerce is on an ascending trend on the short to medium term, in next 4 years being estimated to cover as much as 15% of total retail sales.

Even so, there will be plenty room for more growth, as the average for Central and Eastern Europe is forecasted to 20% in 2026.

In a contrast to other countries of the region the Romanians usually buy Apparel & Footwear, category that had the highest share in online sales in Romania in 2021. Online purchases of Consumer Electronics are the second most popular in our country.

Third most popular category in Romania is Food & Drinks, followed by Homewares & Home Furnishings and Media Products.

Romanians still enjoy shopping in stores

In line with the omnichannel trend, growth of online retail channels goes hand in hand with a growing number of traditional shops. Except for 2020, when markets had to face lockdowns to the greatest extent, the sector kept growing.

It survived the hardest time, and high numbers of visitors once the shops had opened showed that the consumers want to shop offline.

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