ROCA X has doubled the number and value of its transactions in 2021

In 2021, ROCA X doubled the number and value of its transactions: it invested EUR 3.5 million in 7 new start-ups and had 10 follow-on rounds.

The start of 2022 was just as promising, with ROCA X’s largest transaction, where the VC contributed EUR 900,000 to accelerate the US market adoption of BunnyShell.

ROCA X’s investments in 2021 were targeted to IFactorMocAppBonapp.ecoBenefito Mobile, AgUnity, Teleport, SuperOkey.  

At the same time, there were some follow-on financing for a wide part of the start-ups in the portfolio, including Kinderpedia, Code of Talent, Frisbo, Miluu, Medicai, Xvision etc.

From its launch and up to now, the VC supported a total of 25 start-ups, of which 10 have already been validated by receiving a superior financing round.

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