ROCA X and NETOPIA Ventures to invest EUR 175,000 in the MOCAPP platform

MOCAPP, the Influencer Marketing platform, recently attracted a new financing of EUR 175,000, which will be used to enter the UK market starting 2022.

The recently attracted funds will be used for developing a new digital tool for e-Commerce companies, which is to be tested in BETA version in the spring of 2022 and focuses on the British market.

The invested amount comes from ROCA X (lead investor), respectively NETOPIA Ventures, being a Bridge Round.

In the last 12 months, the MOCAPP platform has facilitated campaigns that have exceeded €550,000 in total budgets, involving over 200 influencers from 27 content niches.

The campaigns were conducted by brands and advertising agencies from Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Currently, MOCAPP has almost 100 paying clients and 1.400 professionals who have already tested the platform, 60% of users being companies and online stores.

The UK has the largest Digital Advertising market in Europe and 70% of the total advertising market in the UK is digital.

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