RetuRO opens its second beverage packaging collection center

Together with the center in Bonțida wil process approximately one billion beverage packages annually

RetuRO, the administrator of the Deposit-Return System, opens its second beverage packaging collection center in the country, within the logistics park in Giarmata, Timiș County.

Here, only beverage containers returned by consumers through the Deposit-Return System, marked with a specific barcode and the ”Ambalaj cu garanție” logo, will be counted, sorted, and sent for recycling.

RetuRO center in Giarmata has an area of approximately 4,400 square meters, and is equipped with advanced packaging processing equipment. 32 employees are working in two shifts at this collection unit.

The capacity of this center is to process approximately 8 million packages per month. Romania’s goal is to recover approximately 7 billion packages annually from the market.

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