Restart Energy implements a photovoltaic systems for the Agrocomplex Lunca

Investment worth 160,000 euros to be reimbursed in less than 5 years

Restart Energy signed a contract worth 160,000 euros with Agrocomplex Lunca Pașcani for the installation of voltaic photo generators with a combined power of 248 kWp.

The project involves the installation of 552 photovoltaic panels on an area of 1,320 square meters, on the roof of the Acrocomplex Lunca Pașcani.

The photovoltaic generator will produce 6050 MWh in the next 25 years, leading to an approximately 700,000 euros reduction in electricity costs.

The investment aims to cover 85% of the energy needs of Agrocomplex Lunca and it involves a reduction of the company’s carbon footprint by 76 tons and of radioactive waste by 0.7 kg per year.

Established in 1991 as a family business, the agro-zootechnical farm Agrocomplex Lunca Pașcani currently has over 130 employees and a turnover of 9.1 million euros at the end of 2021.

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