Radisson Blu Aurum Hotel in Brașov estimates an occupancy rate of 65% for 2023

The Radisson Blu Aurum Brașov hotel had an occupancy rate of 70% in the first month. It was opened in October, after an investment of 17 million euros, on the site of the former Palatul Telefoanelor building on Bd. Eroilor.

The construction works lasted 34 months, being hampered by the complexity of the project, the pandemic and socio-economic context. Estimates show that the investment will be recouped in about 10 years.

For the first year of operation, estimates show an average occupancy rate of 65-70% and an equal split between Romanian and foreign guests. Accommodation prices start at 125 euros/night, but the annual average will be 165 euros/night.

Radisson Blu Aurum Hotel has 110 rooms, a restaurant with Asian eclecticism, a tasting room that accomodates a 400-year-old fragment of the old citadel of Brașov, an executive lounge with a panoramic view and a conference room.

The hotel is built by local entrepreneurs Ramona and Răzvan Neamțu, owners of the Ra-Ra Group.

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