Raben Logistics Romania posts a 50% growth in total income

Raben Logistics Romania reported a 50% increase in total income, in the first nine months of 2019, to EUR 6 million, while the number of employees rose by 32.8% due to an increase of the number of clients.

The company’s robust results in the first nine months of the year were driven by the strengthened quality of the services offered by Raben Logistics Romania which improved the relations with the existing clients and has attracted new ones. Moreover, the financial results show the company’s dynamic development strategy and constant innovation which have led to an increase in the number of active customers.

„Raben Logistics Romania delivered improved financial results driven by our team’s efforts to deliver top-notch and innovative logistic solutions to our customers, catering to their needs in the best ways possible. I am proud of what our team succeeded to achieve these past nine months and the improvement compared to last year’s numbers is proof that sustained and consistent efforts pay in the long-run. We continue keeping the promise made to our customers to provide high-quality logistic services meant to satisfy their needs by putting all of our collective efforts to innovate constantly in order to find the best logistic solutions”, said Valentin Storoj, Managing Director, Raben Logistics Romania.

Between January and September 2019, Raben Logistics Romania overcame the challenges posed by the labor market and saw an increase in the number of employees compared to the same period last year, consolidating its team with over 30%, having now 77 full-time employees that deliver logistics services for all the Romanian domestic and international lines. This comes in the context of a difficult labor market in which the resources become more and more expensive as workers are increasingly hard to find.

Currently, Raben Logistics Romania operates four domestic depots in Romania and it has already started the procedure to open one new depot by the end of 2019, while for 2020 it plans to open two more depots.

For 2020, Raben Logistics Romania expects to seize opportunities both in the logistics industry and in the labor market, in order to extend its team and its distribution lines.

In Romania, the biggest volumes of cargo are coming from the routes connecting Poland, Germany and Hungary, while in terms of domestic volumes, the direct lines between Bucharest, Cluj, and Arad have the biggest cargo volumes. The growing demand coming from Germany drove Raben Logistics Romania to launch a direct connection between Nurnberg and Cluj which led to an increase in the operational capacity and an optimization of the transit time, benefiting the customers with improved delivery times.

Recently, Raben Group implemented several innovative solutions to provide its customers with qualitative logistic services. Among the solutions implemented is ETA — a tool for tracking shipments in real time that uses information about the current position of the driver based on the GPS location provided by the mobile device and enables customers to monitor their shipments through a dedicated Raben platform.

Moreover, the company equipped its drivers with innovative handhelds using the ETA parameter in order to allow for a seamless flow of information thus, improving the management and communication operations. Raben Group also innovated its fleet by adding double deck and CityLiner trailers, aiming to reduce the impact of its daily logistics operations on the environment.

In terms of international connections, in 2020, the company has plans to extend its direct lines connecting Germany and Bulgaria with Romania.

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