Over 30% of Romanians drink red wine at least once a week

A Reveal Marketing study found that frequent wine consumers segment is composed of 39% of Romanians. Low users represent 21%.

Next is the medium users’ segment, made up of 29% of respondents, they usually consume wine about 1-3 times a month.

Those who consume wine at least once a week know on average 7 brands, and those with moderate consumption (medium users) know 6 brands.

Those who drink wine occasionally (once every few months or less – low users), on the other hand, know on average only 4 brands in the category.

Red wine is Romanians’ favorite

The main favorite wines are the sweet and semi-sweet ones, consumed frequently (at least once a week), by over 40% of Romanians.

Regarding the preferred color for consumption, red wine is the most appreciated, so 30% of respondents said they usually consume it at least once a week.

In the second place, when it comes to frequency of consumption, is the white wine mentioned by a quarter of Romanians (25%).

Rose wine, even if it was not among the first mentions (21% said they consume it frequently), it has continued to grow in preference in recent years.

Wineries in the Moldova region are the best known by Romanians

The most famous wineries are those in Moldova, mentioned by 90% of consumers, followed by wineries in the heart of the country, Transylvania with 70%, then those in Muntenia with 62%.

Romanians prefer to consume wines from Moldova wineries (76%), Transylvania (49%) and Banat (39%).

Other wineries mentioned by consumers are those in the Muntenia region, preferred by 34%, Oltenia (25%) and wineries in Dobrogea (17%).

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