OTP Bank to increase the share capital for the second time this year

OTP Bank Romania announces it´s second share capital increase this year, this time with more than 200 million lei.

Thus, General Shareholders Meeting held on December 15, 2021, approved the share capital increase of OTP Bank Romania with the amount of 200,000,160 lei through a capital cash contribution subscribed and paid by the OTP Bank Nyrt shareholder.

As a result of the increase, 833,334 new shares were issued, with a nominal value of 240 lei each.

The current subscribed and paid-in share capital of the bank is 2,279,253,360 lei, representing a total number of 9,496,889 registered shares with a nominal value of 240 lei each.

OTP Bank Romania shareholder structure

  1. OTP Bank Nyrt. holds 9,496,885 registered shares and a capital participation of 2,279,252,400 lei, representing 99,9999578809439% of total share capital.
  2. Merkantil Bank Zrt. holds 4 (four) registered shares and a participation of 960 lei, representing 0,0000421190561% of total share capital.
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