OTP Bank launches the Rocket Loan for SMEs. Application is 100% online

OTP Bank launches the first platform dedicated to clients that are Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) – Rocket Loan. Entrepreneurs who want to obtain one of the financing products on this platform can do so by applying 100% online.

This innovative process meets the needs of customers, generated by the tendency of digitization and aligned with the organic development strategy of OTP Bank Romania.

Thus, entrepreneurs can apply online on the new platform to obtain a diversified range of financing products, both unsecured and guaranteed, with a fast and simplified flow.

Who can apply for Rocket Loan

The Rocket Loan is intended for SMEs with an annual turnover of up to five million euros. It addresses both existing and new clients of OTP Bank Romania. The maximum amount that can be requested differs depending on the type of product selected and the financial situation of the company.

The loan cannot exceed the amount of 300,000 € (or the equivalent in RON of this amount) and can be accessed both for the financing of the current activity and for the financing of investments.

Thus, those who apply online for the Loan Credit will fill in a minimum set of information and upload on the dedicated platform a minimal set of documents: the agreement for questioning at the Credit Bureau, the consultation one for the Credit Risk Center and the last annual balance sheet.

Based on the information submitted, in a few seconds, a preliminary answer will be received regarding the request, and the approval of the financing will be made within 24 hours at the most. In addition, for even more comfort, customers have the opportunity to select the branch where they want to sign the credit documentation.

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