Office take-up jumps in 2019 and reaches the maximum level of the last 9 years

Expoziției Area attracted almost 15% of the total demand for office spaces registered last year in Bucharest, thus entering the top 5 areas preferred by companies to locate their offices, at a very short distance from Center-West, the most dynamic area in the last 3-4 years.

The companies rented last year in Bucharest almost 390,000 square meters of office space, the highest level in the last 9 years. Compared to 2018, the total demand in Bucharest increased by 16%.

It should also be mentioned that the net demand – new contracts and extensions of the existing areas, increased more than twice, compared to 2018, to 212,000 square meters and represented more than half of the total rented volume.

The largest office areas in Bucharest were rented in CBD (17.4% of total demand), in Center (15.1%), Center – West (14.9%), Expozitie North (14.6%) and Floreasca – Barbu Văcărescu (11.4%).

JLL remained the leader of the national office market in 2019, with a market share of over 20.4% of the total transactions carried out through the real estate consultants.

Sub-market Gross take-up în 2019 (sqm) % of the total
CBD 67,615 17.4
Center 58,634 15.1
Center–West 58,031 14.9
North Expozitiei 56,840 14.6
Floreasca – Barbu Vacarescu 44,406 11.4
Center – South 27,540 7.1
Dimitrie Pompeiu 25,880 6.7
West 24,488 6.3
Pipera Nord 17,619 4.5
Baneasa – Otopeni 2,700 0.7
East 2,509 0.6
Center – North 2,245 0.6
Total 388,507 100

Vacancy rate reached 8%

The vacancy rate in the modern office buildings in Bucharest at the end of 2019 reached about 8%, slightly lower than the previous quarter (8.64%), amid the increase in demand in the fourth quarter (107,000 square meters, of which over 80% net demand), and the delivery of a single new building.

In the sub-markets, still the highest unemployment rate in 2019 was in Pipera – North, respectively 40%, followed by the East, with 16% and Baneasa – Otopeni, with just over 14%.

At the opposite end, the lowest vacancy rate in 2019 was recorded in the Center (1.1%), West (2.1%) and Floreasca – Barbu Văcărescu (2.5%).

10 office projects were completed in 2019

In 2019, 10 office projects totalling almost 280,000 square meters were completed in Bucharest, double compared to 2018 (141,000 square meters).

Most deliveries took place in Center-West (almost 100,000 square meters, respectively 35% of the total area delivered), followed by Floreasca – Barbu Vacarescu over 53,000 square meters, respectively about 19% of deliveries) and West (47,000 square meters), 17% of deliveries).

ProjectSub-marketDeveloperArea (sqm)
Renault Bucharest ConnectedWestGlobalworth&Elgan Group47,000
The MarkCBDS Immo25,500
The Bridge phase 2Center – WestForte Partners21,271
Business Garden BucharestCenter – WestVastint41,000
Oregon Park cladirea CFloreasca-Barbu VacarescuPortland Trust25,000
Timpuri Noi Square 3CenterVastint20,000
Expo Business ParkExpozitieiPortland Trust38,000
The LightCenter – WestRiver Development21,600
Sema Office BerlinCenter – WestRiver Development14,900
Equilibrium phase 1Floreasca -Barbu VacarescuSkanska20,600
Total    275.000

18% increase in demand

At the national level, about 470,000 square meters of office space were rented, of which the net demand, respectively new contracts and extensions of the already existing areas, represented the largest share. Total demand increased in 2019 by 18% compared to 2018 when a level of 400,000 square meters was recorded.

The average value of transactions with office spaces nationwide was 1,560 square meters.

Net demand in 2019 was 280,000 square meters, growing almost 3 times compared to 2018.

At national level, Bucharest attracted almost 83% of the total demand for office space, followed by Cluj-Napoca (6.5%), Timisoara (4.4%) and Iași (3.2%).

By activity areas, by far the largest share of the demand for office space at the national level came from the IT&C sector, covering almost 40% of the rented space in 2019. The second place was the computer & high-tech sector, with 15.6%, followed by banking insurance & financing, with 8.4% and retail & consumer goods, with 7.4%.

In comparison, in 2018 the highest weights in the total demand for office spaces were held by the IT&C sector, with over 35%, the professional services sector, with about 10%, banking, insurance & financing, with over 7% and computers & high-tech, with almost 6%.

City Gross take-up (sqm) % of the total
Bucharest 388,507 82.8
Cluj-Napoca 30.552 6.5
Timisoara 20,468 4.4
Iasi 15,000 3.2
Brasov 7,280 1.6
Craiova 4,670 1.0
Ploiesti 3,000 0.6
Total 469,477 100
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