Obor21.ro, turnover of 155.000 euros in 2021

Obor21.ro, the first digital peasant cooperative in Romania, closed 2021 with a turnover of 155.000 euros.

It is an increase of 55% compared to the previous year. The average order remained at approximately the same value as in the previous year, respectively 230 lei.

35-40% of customers returned for a new order, and 20% are customers with at least 4 orders placed in 2021.

The average number of products ordered on Obor21.ro remains at 5-6 products / basket, as well as the seasonality of orders, April being the most dynamic month for sales.

At the same time, the platform reports year-on-year significant increases in sales of goat meat (60% increase compared to the previous year) and lamb (16% increase).

For 2022, Obor21.ro aims to continue and expand the collaboration with specialty stores and HoReCa, segments that accounted for 26% of year-round sales.

The platform was launched in February 2020 by Iunia and Florian Mateiță, with an initial investment of over 80,000 euros.

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