NEPI Rockcastle total investments in Romania at over 2 billion euros

NEPI Rockcastle has invested over 2 billion euros in the first 14 years of activity in Romania, in urban real estate projects.

The group generated revenues of over 100 million euros in Romania’s central budget and over 50 million euros in local budgets in the last five years alone.

In Romania, the company has 230 employees and generates, through its investments, another 30,000 jobs in the local economy.

Over 1.000 retailers operate in the shopping centers in the NEPI Rockcastle portfolio a total of over 3.000 stores, with a total annual turnover of more than 1 billion euros.

For 2021, NEPI Rockcastle estimates investments of EUR 140 million for development and capital expenditures related to ongoing projects, as well as other opportunities.

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