Neogen Capital invests EUR 150.000 in developing

Investment fund Neogen Capital is expanding its portfolio and is entering the events industry, with an EUR 150,000 investment in

This is a platform that connects event service providers with potential customers, interested in organising an event.

Most of the investment will be directed towards the development of the platform by adding new functionalities that will allow users to organize and coordinate a complete event.

Another part of the investment will be allocated to the promotion of the platform so that the service reaches as many potential users as possible. solution, launched in October 2020, hosted more than 500 active suppliers and attracted thousands of users interested in organising a private or business event.

In May this year alone, more than 100 successful contracts were concluded through aims to streamline the process of identifying and contracting service providers for events, thus coming to the support of event organizers, individual or corporate clients.

Users fill in the form with key information and it is automatically distributed, according to algorithms, to all suppliers whose profile matches the client’s needs. is aimed at the private, corporate, cultural and social events sector. The platform was launched by Larisa Burcă and Ioana Dragomir.

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