More than 10.000 houses in Romania are Green Homes certified

Romania Green Building Council launches the third version of their Green Homes certification scheme, designed specifically for improving the residential sector.

To date, more than 10.000 houses, worth more than 1.5 Billion Euros, have been certified or under agreement to certify in Romania. 

Creating the new version of the residential certification system involved numerous specialists with expertise in energy efficiency, biodiversity, acoustics, waste management, indoor air quality, radon pollution management, bioclimatic design and architecture, commissioning, and construction site management.

The new version is built upon the existing system which already requires superior energy efficiency and supports better access to alternative transportation, water consumption optimisation, urban regeneration, biophilic design and urban food production following permaculture principles.

The system covers all stages of a residential housing project, from concept to execution, to the period after the home is delivered to the end user. 

In addition to existing criteria such as mandatory testing of the housing units before occupancy to ensure safe indoor air quality, the new version adds criteria to monitor, control and reduce exposure to Radon in all occupied areas of the home.  

The sustainable materials and other design requirements reduce or eliminate many harmful chemicals found in some building materials such as formaldehyde and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) as well as reduces exposure to particulate pollution  in homes. 

Green Homes encourages the construction of better quality, healthier housing while providing financial benefits for occupants; reducing families’ total monthly cost of home ownership.

Banks are financing Green Homes

The programme has partnered with banks in Romania who offer discounted “Green Mortgages” for qualified projects; financial products that reward and require a holistic array of green criteria beyond energy efficiency.

Alpha Bank Romania’s Deputy Manager Ana Maria Ciortan stated „In 2018, we joined the Green Mortgage programme with Romania Green Building Council because we encourage Green Homes construction or refurbishment through better lending conditions in terms of interest rates and commission”.

Leading investors and project developers who have completed projects or committed to build future projects to the program’s challenging green requirements include, in alphabetical order:

  • AFI Europe,
  • AIR Residence 2,
  • Alesonor,
  • Belvedere Residence,
  • CNO Techno Construct,
  • Dalghias Development,
  • Ecovillas,
  • Forte Partners,
  • Forty Management,
  • Global Invest,
  • ONE United Properties,
  • Millstone Developments,
  • Mason-Jar,
  • Nidus MNH,
  • Nordis Group,
  • Rahmaninov Residence,
  • Rock Development,
  • Studium Green,
  • All Hemp,
  • Șoimeni Parc,
  • Țiriac Imobiliare,
  • 1 Development.
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