MOCAPP seeks a 200.000 EUR investment through on SeedBlink

MOCAPP, a Romanian tech startup that facilitates the development of marketing campaigns with the help of influencers (Influencer Marketing) wants to invest 200.000 euros in accelerating business development.

The investment will be financed through an active equity crowdfunding campaign starting on October 27 on SeedBlink.

The amount will be used for developing the new tools for platform users, over 800 in the first year, increasing the level of interaction and presence in the region.

The platform can be used by any brand, local or multinational company, which wants to bring its products close to customers with the help of influencers.

MOCAPP provides clients with the research, automation of contracts and payments, reporting, statistics and performance analysis, and from 2020 also provides audited audiences of influencers, through the partnership with HypeAuditor.

Market size: over 50% annual growth

Globally, the Influencer Marketing market has a volume of over $ 8 billion, according to figures available in Europe and the United States, and an accelerated growth rate, doubling its value every two years.

The Central and Eastern European market will be worth hundreds of millions of euros a year in 2024, with sustained growth each year.

2021 goals: 400.000 euros run through the platform

The goals of the MOCAPP founders are that by the end of 2021, the platform will reach over 2.000 influencers in the region and over 1.000 collaborations between brands and content creators.

It is also estimated that the total budgets through the platform will increase from 180.000 euros this year to about 400.000 euros in 2021.

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