Inulta leased an entire floor in Millo Offices Bucharest

Forte Partners announces the lease of 900 square meters of office space in the Millo Offices project to Inulta, a company founded in Romania and active in CRM.

Millo Offices and the Tandem building are part of the Sector 0 project, a Forte Partners initiative on the premium office segment.

Sector 0 means a total investment worth 100 million euros and consists in the development of office buildings for creative communities, both companies and entrepreneurs/freelancers.

Millo Offices is a nine-floors office building, on which construction works began in 2019 and which was inaugurated in July 2021.

Located on Matei Millo Street, close to Calea Victoriei and ner Hotel Novotel, Millo Offices has easy access to the University Square public transport hub (metro, bus, trolleybus).

In addition, tenant companies benefit from the SpotUs application, accessible on their mobile phones.

This app allows fully digitized interaction with all the resources of an office building – parking, access control, booking office, management of building users, etc.

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