Innobyte turnover up by 55% in 2020, at 1.8 million euros

Innobyte, a Romanian software development company specialized in eCommerce, ended 2020 with a turnover of 1.8 million euros, 55% higher than in 2019.

For the current year, Innobyte is counting on a 15% increase in turnover, exceeding the 2 million euros milestone, while maintaining the level of profitability and increasing the number of employees by 25%.

The factors that will contribute to reaching the milestone estimated by the company refer both to the accelerated digitization and to the fact that in 2021 the basic need will be related to the performance of existing platforms and the development of solutions that place each business in the top of customer searches, to differentiate them from the competition.

Also, among the trends influencing the eCommerce market continue to be the development of marketplace platforms, in order to offer a wide range of products, but also the development of niche stores, where more emphasis is placed on customization and creating a great experience for customers.

The subscription model is another trend that is increasingly observed in eCommerce. It allows online stores to secure recurring customers for whom they will deliver their favorite products on a regular basis.

Also, the orientation towards the development of mobile applications continues the growth curve, becoming an increasingly important tool in the strategy of eCommerce players.

In 2021, Innobyte aims to increase the number of employees by 25%, so that the team reaches 50 eCommerce specialists, in order to increase the capacity to manage new projects.

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