Inditex net sales rise 3%, topping €26 billion for the first time

Inditex Group’s net sales rose by 3% in FY18 (1 February 2018 – 31 January 2019) to an all-time high of €26.14 billion, underpinned by growth in all of the Group’s geographic regions. 

Revenue from online sales increased by 27% to €3.2 billion, accounting for 14% of sales in markets with stores and online net profit rose 2% to €3.44 billion, or 12% in local currencies, while EBITDA and EBIT reached all-time highs, supported by strong margins.

Net profit rose 2% to €3.44 billion, or 12% in local currencies.

The Board of Directors will propose a new dividend policy at the next AGM, to be held in July. The ordinary dividend will increase to represent a payout ratio of 60% – up from 50% at present – and Inditex will also distribute a bonus dividend totalling €1 per share, split across 2019, 2020 and 2021.

The change in policy translates to a 17% increase in the dividend for the year to €0.88 per share; €0.66 as an ordinary dividend and €0.22 as a bonus dividend.

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