In Romania there are 1.2 million parking spaces and 7 million vehicles

At the end of 2019, 1.2 million public parking spaces were available in Romania for the 7 million registered vehicles.

The annual fee for residential parking varies between 30 and 100 lei in small towns, respectively between 70 and 150 lei in large cities.

For subscriptions, rental prices vary between 15 lei / month and 1.000 lei / month.

The hourly rate for paid public parking varies between 1 and 5 lei, except for Bucharest and Cluj, where the maximum limit reaches 10 lei.

The total number of on-street parking spaces is 403.148, of which: 128.735 are paid, 252.742 are unpaid, 13.728 are for people with disabilities and only 124 are for electric cars.

The total number of off-street parking spaces is 155.052, and the number of smart parking spaces is 9.742.

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