Impact submitted a donation offer for a school and a kindergarten

Impact Developer & Contractor submitted to the Municipality of Bucharest the donation offer of 9,620 sqm for the construction of a school and a public kindergarten.

It is about a land located in the north of Bucharest, in Greenfield Residence. Currently, in that area of District 1 live approximately 1,500 children of school and preschool age, the nearest educational unit being over 4 km away.

The approach of Impact Developer & Contractor represents a step towards normalcy and an invitation for all major real estate developers in the country to evolve by investing in education. This year, the company has allocated over 1 million euros (excluding VAT) for the expansion of public utilities that will serve both the school and kindergarten, as well as other areas in the vicinity of the Greenfield neighborhood. Impact plans to build additional access roads nearby. Today, they are in the final phase of approving the PUZ documentation, and once completed, they will be transferred free of charge to the public domain.

According to the approved urban plan, near the school and kindergarten will be built on 2 lands provided free of charge to the municipality, an STB terminal, various other public functions and an ISU subunit to serve the entire northern part of the capital. For the execution of these functions and infrastructure elements, Impact has allocated a budget of over 3 million euros (excluding VAT).

At the end of April, by notarial deed, at the request of the City Hall of District 1 of Bucharest and the General City Hall of Bucharest, Impact Developer & Contractor submitted to the General City Hall of Bucharest and the General Council of Bucharest the donation offer for the urban land of 9,620 sqm, located in Bucharest, Teișani  Alley, District 1, adjacent to the Greenfield neighborhood. That land is registered in the Land Book no. 277156 of Bucharest, District 1. According to the zonal urban plan ZUP- Teișani Alley – Pădurea Neagră Street, no. 56-64, the land area that is the object of the donation has the function of UTR Education.

The Local Council of District 1 voted in favor of the request to CGMB, on 28.05.2020, for the reception in administration for the construction of a school and a public kindergarten on this land, together with all the necessary annexes and utilities, according to the draft annexed to the donation act and all technical documentation for the building permit, also donated free of charge.

In this sense, there is already an agreement of principle acceptance from the Administration of Pre-University Education Units and Public Sanitary Units Sector 1. The start of works also has a precise deadline, no later than 31.12.2020.

Together with the project for the construction of the school and kindergarten, the value of the donation amounts to approximately 1.75 million euro, according to the evaluation report.

The school and kindergarten will have direct access to a public road and will be modern educational spaces, where approximately 1,000 children from the northern part of Bucharest will be able to learn, as follows:  
– the kindergarten will be able to receive 150 children in 15 classrooms, it will have a multifunctional room, a medical office + isolator, a food office, administrative spaces, technical spaces and a covered playground;

– in school there will be able to learn two series of 390 children in 13 classrooms, 5 laboratories (chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, foreign languages), two workshops (music and arts), 1 after-school room, 1 library , a gym + locker rooms, a multifunctional foyer, a speech therapy office, a pedagogical counseling office, a medical office + isolator, a buffet space + food office, a school shop, a covered inner courtyard, an outdoor sports field free, a partially covered recreation yard, a maintenance workshop, bicycle parking platforms, various technical and administrative spaces.

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