Impact Developer & Contractor started paying RON 10.7 million dividends

Impact Developer & Contractor pays dividends to shareholders, starting with the 17th of August, 2020.

Payment is made automatically for investors registered in the RoClear System or upon request, by bank transfer based on a previous request, or in cash, at the BRD Group Societe Generale counters.

The shareholders of Impact Developer & Contractor approved in the General Meeting that took place on April 28 of this year the distribution of dividends amounting to 10.7 million lei from the profit of 154.14 million lei obtained during 2019.

Thus, a gross dividend is quoted at 0.04 lei per share, which ensures investors a return of 2.73%.

The shareholders who can benefit from dividends are those who are registered in the issuer’s shareholders’ register, on 27.07.2020. Shareholders who are customers of a Participant in the clearing-settlement and registry system of the Central Depository may collect their dividends through it.

In the case of shareholders who do not have an account opened with a participant of the RoClear system, the payment is made as follows:

  • by bank transfer, based on requests sent by shareholders;
  • in cash, at the bank counters of BRD Group Societe Generale throughout the country.

Impact Developer & Contractor is listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, with the IMP stock symbol, since 1996.

The main shareholder of the company is Gheorghe Iaciu, who holds 58% of the shares, followed by Adrian Andrici, with 15% of the shares.

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