Impact contracted 60% of apartments stock in the first half of 2020

Impact Developer & Contractor ended the first half of 2020 with 133 homes sold and 260 pre-contracted homes, totaling 212 million lei.

Of the stock of 487 apartments available in S1, 255 in Greenfield and 232 in Luxuria (March 2020), 60% were contracted. To these are added 102 pre-contracted apartments in the new development phases.

In H1 2020, 133 sale-purchase contracts were registered, which brought revenues of 65.808 million lei, to which are added 260 pre-contracts of sale, purchase and reservations totaling 146.28 million lei.

The 133 contracts mean 88 units sold in Greenfield (7,650 sqm) and 45 in Luxuria (3,347 sqm), including apartments, parking lots and yard lands related to the package. The apartments sold in the first semester of 2020 totaled a built area of ​​10,998 sqm.

For the second semester, Impact envisages: for Luxuria, the completion of the second phase (268 apartments) and the continuation of the works in the third phase (130 apartments); obtaining construction permits, starting works and financing the fourth phase of Greenfield and the first phase of development in Boreal Plus Constanța.

The fourth development phase of Greenfield Residence includes the Teilor Ensemble (1,900 apartments) and brings a premiere for IMPACT: the first commercial project with a recreation center – Greenfield Plaza, offering a mix that will complete the range of facilities offered within the community.

Greenfield Plaza includes a Strip Mall, SPA area, gym, office area.

Impact on the capital market

In April 2020, following the EGMS decision of April 28, 2020, it was approved to reduce the company’s share capital from LEI 274,443,532, with the amount of LEI 9,443,532, by reducing the number of shares, from 274,443,532 shares to 265,000,000 shares, as a result of the cancellation of a number of 9,443,532 treasury shares, acquired by the Company.

The reduction of the share capital took place and was registered in July 2020.

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