How much it costs to drop your loved ones off at the airport

Dropping your loved ones off at the airport for a farewell can often be upsetting at the best of times, but when you are charged for the goodbye, it is certainly heartbreaking. 

Major airports around the world charge a pretty-penny for dropping off passengers, with some airports charging almost €7 for a brief 5 minutes, and over €50 for 30 mins.

Globehunters team have found the „Kiss & Fly” drop off rates for Europe’s most popular airports, helping travellers enjoy a parting kiss with no unwelcome surprises.

5 Cheapest European Airport „Kiss & Fly” Rates (10 mins)

  • Minsk National Airport – €0.43
  • Seville – €0.63
  • Geneva – €0.90
  • Helsinki – €1.00
  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – €1.00

5 Most Expensive European Airport „Kiss & Fly” Rates (10 mins)

  • Warsaw  – €6.99
  • Henri Coandă International Airport, Bucharest- €6.33
  • Bergen Airport, Flesland – €5.16
  • Bilbao – €5.00
  • Lyon–Saint-Exupéry Airport – €4.90

There are 58 European airports which provide 5 minutes completely free, 27 which provide 15 minutes free and 3 which provide 30 minutes free.

The most expensive European airport for 30 mins is Brussels Airport with a charge of €49.95. In second place is London Stansted Airport with a charge of €27.75.

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