Gabor Mate and Penelope Douglas, Romanians favorite writers of 2022

Gabor Mate is the best-selling author on Libris in 2022, for Romanian translated books, while Penelope Douglas is the best-selling author for English language books.

Ioana Chicet-Macoveiciuc, followed by Dumitru Constantin Dulcan and Ioana Parvulescu led the top of the best-selling Romanian authors last year.

In 2022, interest in English language books increased spectacularly, with more than 70% more volumes delivered than the previous year.

Libris, an online bookstore, sold over 2.3 million products in 2022, with an average order registered at the national level of 113 lei, up 10% compared to 2021. The most active counties in terms of book purchases remained Bucharest, Brasov, and Cluj.

Bucharest recorded the most book orders per capita in 2022, followed by Brasov and Cluj, and the fewest orders on Libris were placed in Harghita, Covasna and Ialomita.

In 2022, national wide, the average number of volumes per order is 3.7, with a maximum of 240 lei/average order, recorded in Brasov County.

Last year, 382.470 books were sold in Bucharest, 186.891 books sold in Brasov, 100.644 books sold in Cluj, 94.446 books sold in Ilfov, and 83.447 books sold in Iasi.

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